Circuit Design & PCB Layout

Circuit Design & PCB Layout

Electronic Circuit Design

M4EMS has a broad knowledge of circuit design and experience is wide-ranging and includes low-noise audio circuits, embedded computers with high-speed memory and networking, micro-power circuits for battery operation and mains switching for dimming circuits. Engineers work with you to convert your unique product requirements into a working circuit design.

PCB Layout

Industry standard CAD tools are used to lay out the printed circuit board designs. Most designs are two to six layer PCBs, dependant on the environmental and mechanical requirement. All designs are saved in universally accepted Gerber file format. Gerber data contains all manufacturing data required to fabricate and populate the PCB design. Prototypes are also created from the data as the cost of producing a single panel now makes it much more economical than hand wiring a design on prototyping board. This means that prototypes can be much more representative of the final product, and of course more reliable.

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Military, automotive and commercial applications.
PCB manufacturing knowledge for superior designs
Quick turn around on projects to help meet customer deadlines
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